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"Megaliths around the world. Megalithic structures in every part of the world have similar characteristics. In contradiction with the historian’s insistence that there was no connection between the Old World and New World before Christopher Columbus discovered the latter one, one can see that similar technology was used in all parts of the world where today we can find remains of the megaliths."

Total Health Show

"Using the Hidden Power of Ancient Megaliths for Self Healing & Spiritual Growth. Dr. Loza opens the door onto the fantastic world of the Caucasus dolmens within which hide an infinite number of secrets and mysteries. Boris once lived where these megalithic structures are to be found. Find out how to use the hidden power of dolmens for self–healing and spiritual growing. Learn about their role in progress–boosting and enhanced fertility. Change your perception about mysterious megaliths left by ancient people.”

Public Lecture

"North Caucasus Dolmens. Very little is known about these ancient monuments, though one thing is for sure: their power is undeniable. In my extensive research of the megaliths I’ve concentrated on the Caucasus dolmens. I learned incredible things about these mysterious structures! I’ve studied tons of information and want to share with you my discovery about them and about ancient megaliths in general.”

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