Introduction: Where It All Began
Part I: Dolmens: Ancient Mystic Megaliths
North Caucasus Dolmens
Properties of the Dolmens
Dolmen Differences
Who Built the Dolmens
First Attempts to Study Dolmens
Dolmen Anatomy
Elongated Skull Connection
Why the Dolmens Were Built
Tree of Life
Talking Stones
Flesh Eaters
Asian Connection
Indian Connection
Greek Connection
Olmec and Mayan Connection
Sun Worshippers
Dolmens and Archeoastronomy
Dolmens and the Paleolithic Calendar
Progress-Boosting Technology and Baby-Making Machine
Ancient Dark Retreat or ?Prisoner Movie Cinema?
How the Blocks Were Quarried and Processed
Location of Dolmen Quarries
Wooden Wedges
Stone Softening
Soft Sedimentary Rock Method
Concrete Casting Technique
Plaster Casting Technique
Processing the Blocks
Percussion and Pressure Flaking Technique
Making the Dolmen Entrance
The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients
Transporting the Megalithic Blocks
The Push-Pull Method
Balance Method
How the Blocks Were Lifted
Ramps and Belts
Moving Blocks Using Acoustics
Telluric Energy
Etheric Vapor
Part II: Dolmen Mysteries, Healing, and Power
Enigmas and Unexplained Phenomena
False Entrance Enigma
Cap-Shaped Depressions Enigma
Shapsugsky Triangle: Anomalous Zone
Double Stars, Ancient Astronauts, and UFOs
Puzzles of the Dolmen Signs and Symbols
Dolmens and Tamgas
Dolmens and Runes
Mysterious Artifacts and Geological Formations
Stone Gears
Stone Mushrooms
Cult Stone with Seats
Kurgan Artifacts
Maykop Slab
Mahoshkushha Petroglyphs
Urushten Idols
Loo?s Plate
Dolmen Power
Egregore and Dolmen Power
Dolmens and the Tarot
Dolmens and Orbs
Dolmen Healing and Spirituality
Hidden Power of the Dolmens
Healing Power of the Dolmens
Dolmens and Living and Dead Waters
Part III: Future of the Dolmens
Lost Dolmens
Preservation of Dolmens
Appendix 1: Visiting the Dolmens
About Krasnodar
International and Distinctive Cuisine
Appendix 2: Getting the Most from Your Trip
Read as Much as You Can
Make a List
Pack Light
Personal and Food Safety
Lost in Translation
Transportation Tips
Choosing a Place to Eat
Check Visa Requirements
Prepare Sightseeing in Advance
Respect Local Customs and Traditions
Money and Other Necessities
Miscellaneous Tips
Image Credits
Dolmen Power
About the Author

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