North Caucasus Dolmens

In this book, Dr. Loza presents his firsthand account of unique megalithic structures—the dolmens scattered around the area where he used to live. He presents information about the first attempts to study dolmens and fascinating theories of who, when, how, and for what purpose these unique structures were built. Also, this book discusses areas that are not well traveled as well as tips for planing an exotic trip to see the dolmens.

Find out how to use dolmen power for spiritual growing and to heal yourself. Change your perception about these artifacts left by ancient people. Learn about alternative history and archaeology, something that you will never find in schoolbooks!

“Dr. Loza opens doors into the fantastic world of the Caucasus dolmens, which hide an infinite number of secrets and mysteries. Boris has traveled extensively around the world and has lived near these megalithic structures. The Caucasus dolmens are twice as old as the Egyptian pyramids, and readers will surely find much interesting and useful information about these ancient monuments, which symbolize the greatness of our ancestors.”

Vladimir Yashkardin, Russian researcher of ancient megalithic mysteries and author of books about the Caucasus dolmens.

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