Boris Loza, PhD

Dr. Loza is a world explorer and the author of “In Search of Wonders: North Caucasus Dolmens” among other books. His numerous articles appeared in a variety of publications including Nexus and Ancient Realms  magazines and were translated into several languages. He writes in Russian and English and is a scholar of megaliths found in his extensive travel adventures. Boris Loza was born in Russia, North Caucasus, and his various interests have brought him recognition in a variety of fields. From being a winner at the first international Cyber Security Contest and publishing articles in magazines for elite hackers to writing travel articles and developing innovative computer technologies, Dr. Loza always finds time for his true passion–traveling around the world.

From Easter Island, Egypt, and India to Ethiopia, Tibet, and Colombia, and many other exotic destinations, Loza tries to find his own answers to questions about our ancient past. He is not afraid to offer “politically incorrect” theories and explanations “forbidden” by mainstream academic disciplines.

Loza presents his firsthand account of unique megalithic structures—the dolmens scattered around North Caucasus, the area where he used to live. He presents information about the first attempts to study dolmens and fascinating theories of who, when, how, and for what purpose these unique structures were built. Change your perception about these artifacts left by ancient people. Learn about megaliths history and archaeology, something that you will never find in schoolbooks!

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